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Machine screws are typically designed with finer, more accurate threads than alternative fastener types. They are generally intended for use with a pre-drilled interior tapped hole or a nut. Machine screws are most often used for fastening metal parts securely together in various types of machinery or construction.

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Solid rivets are among the simplest, most reliable, and oldest types of fasteners. These simple devices consist of a solid shaft with a head on one end; once installed, the headless end of a solid rivet is deformed with a hammer or rivet gun to hold it in place. Perhaps the most widely-used style of rivet, solid rivets are utilized in applications where reliability and safety are important.

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W.P. Williams Co. - Past, Present, and Future

W.P. Williams Company was born in 1882, in the heyday of the furniture boom in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Catering to local furniture companies in the rapidly expanding industry, we provided fasteners and supplies to keep production flowing, earning trust and growing with the community.

As time went on, W.P. Williams Company established itself as a leader in reliably delivering quality products at competitive prices, utilizing the just-in-time business model long before it became the industry standard. We have expanded our product offering to meet defense, aerospace, metal, glass, and wood manufacturing needs. Today we carry military and commercial fasteners, hardware for home use, as well as a variety of abrasives, adhesives, packaging material, safety products, and other top quality products across various industries.

From our humble beginnings as a local supplier, we grew to accommodate customers nationwide. Now we have an international reach, and are able to service customers and source products from all around the globe. We are continuing to build on over 140 years of history, being a trusted business partner and reliable supplier for all of your industrial supply needs!