Material Certification & Tolerances


A majority of the fasteners supplied by W.P. Williams Company are RoHS compliant, meaning REACH, 3TG, Cal Prop 65, RoHS Rohs2 and they do not contain Lead, Cadmium, PBB, BBP, DBP, PBDE, DEHP, PBDE or Hexavalent Chromium. None of RoHS have come into contact with Mercury or Mercury Compounds during manufacturing or subsequent processing.

If required, please notify us for RoHS Certificates of Conformance and it will be included with the shipment at no additional charge.

Most non-RoHS compliant stock can be re-plated to RoHS compliance at no additional charge.

All of our parts are Conflict Free.  Our parts do not contain conflict material or have anything to do with conflict countries as defined by the US Government.


We require our platers and suppliers of plated fasteners to bake case hardened parts to appropriate industry specifications. However, this process does not guarantee that hydrogen embrittlement will not still be present after baking or that it will not occur at a later date while in service. Specialized testing or a substitute part may be required, depending on the application.


Decimals +/- .016” [0.4]
Fractions +/- 1/32” [0.8]
Bolt and Screw lengths +/- 1/32” [0.8]
(Unless otherwise specified)